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The journey begins – Munich to Dubai


When I left my home the were 18.916km ahead of me till I would reach New Zealand. Longest distance from home I’ve ever traveled.

First stop

Fist stop was Munich International Airport from where I flew. That was a premier as well since I never flew from Munich.

I arrived quite early so I had plenty of time there. Checked in first and was shocked by the weight of my backpack – 17 kilos. That means 10 to much for hand baggage. So I had to reorganize stuff. I was lucky to have this f-stop backpack with an ICE (internal camera unit). So I was able to take that out which already way 8 kilos. Put some GoPro stuff into my check-in baggage and got rid of my sleeping bag and duckt tape.

At the end I had 7.2 kilos which was okay for the lady at check in.

The aircraft

Emirates Airbus A360 from the side

Emirates Airbus A380

After a last snack of fruits, I went through the security control and customs to the waiting area. The A380 was already waiting. And it was huge! Never seen such a huge aircraft. That’s probably, because it’s the biggest airliner in the world.

And on board it was very comfy. Of course it was economy class but I had a power outlet, WiFi, some pretty good food and a pretty good entertainment system – the Emirates ice (info, communication and entertainment). So basically all you need to kill time 🙂

Arriving in Dubai

Dubai International Airport, Terminal 1

So after about 6h I arrived in Dubai. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go outside of the airport and discover the city. And on landing the city was really dusty or foggy. Guess it’s due to smog. But I could sneak a peak on the Burj al Khalifa. And it was impressing. Standing out from all other surrounding skyscrapers. Unfortunately my camera couldn’t really catch it.



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