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Next we were heading to Auckland. Really enjoyed the time in the nature of the Coromandel Peninsula but was also looking forward to this city I’ve just seen really short when I arrived at Auckland Airport at the very beginning.
It was a long way back from the peninsula. And again a lot of gravel road. We had one close encounter with a car driving way too far around the corner on that gravel road. Luckily I could barely make it to avoid a crash. From then on I used a method I remembered from when we drove in the Swiss Alps when I was a child. Honking before sharp bends to warn upcoming cars.
The road then turned into a proper one sometimes really close to the ocean which was nice to drive. Just before Auckland we even had a real highway for the very first time. Sometimes up to three lanes. But still traffic jams that cost us some time.
But eventually we arrived at another friend of Chas‘ house. It was quite a big hose with an even bigger wild grown garden in a suburb of Auckland. At the evening we were offered a nice dinner with a steak and some veggies. Didn’t even know, I like baked pumpkin 😛

Because I saw really nice photos of the Auckland skyline before, what I most wanted to do here, was finding that spot and take some nice photos at night. So I asked Chas’s friend where it’s best to go and we figured out that Bayswater would be just perfect for what I’m looking for. It’s right opposite of the city with some water in between. Sandra didn’t feel very well that evening but after some convincing approaches she joined me to go there and she didn’t regret as far as I know 🙂 Was really nice to look at and a good spot to take pictures. I set up my camera on the tripod for some long exposure shots when a security guy came and ask us if we were fishing (which apparently wasn’t allowed here). After we told him that we’re just talking photos and some small talk, we left us alone again.


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