Week 4 – Paperwork | Birthday | Buy Camping Equipment | Eat & Cook | Clubbing| Cape Kidnappers


Today Sandra and I wanted to get some paper work done. We needed to go to Taradale to change the ownership of our new car. I had a one hour break in the morning but we were not sure if that would be enough so we went for lunch break when I had three hours off. I jumped on the bus (Sandra took her bike), went to the post office in Taradale, signed a form, went back to the bus, and arrived 40 minutes later at the student village. That was pretty quick 🙂 Would probably have taken us a lot longer in Germany.

After that I wanted to conclude the insurance application. We had looked at some online, but the problem was, that all the big and cheep insurances only provide 12 month contracts. Since we won’t stay that long in New Zealand, we tried to find one, which provides short term contracts. And there are some especially for travellers. But they only provide third party with excess.

So we decided to go for on of the big ones to have full comprehensive insurance even though we had to pay for a whole year. It was not too expensive as we were sharing the cost.


Wheeey! Happy birthday Praneeth 😛 We were invited to Villa 3 for lunch because it was one of the Indian exchange students birthday. And we got some awesome food – as Indian food is always awesome 😛 Well some people had problems with the spiciness though 😉


In the afternoon we went to Napier because after we got our car we now needed some camping equipment. We first went to MacPac to look for a sleeping back for me and some camping mats. It turned out that it’s the perfect time for buying outdoor stuff because everything was on sale. To compare we went to Kathmandu which is right around the corner. They had a wide range of mats and sleeping bags but I was still not sure. So we went back to MacPac and I kind of decided for a sleeping bag but went back to Kathmandu another time because I wanted to take a mat there and it was only 5 minutes before they closed and it was the last day of their sale. So after I finally had my camping mat (which is really awesome 🙂 ) we went back to MacPac for the sleeping bag for a last time but the very helpful assistant told me to sleep on it 😛 and come back the next day.

Because our car only has a cassette deck, we went to the warehouse for a last stop and bought a cassette to aux adapter so that we could listen to our phone’s music in the car 🙂


The night didn’t change anything about my decision. So we went back to MacPac a 4th time to finally buy my sleeping bag. and it’s awesome! Very lightweight, compact, warming down to 2°C and it’s green 😛

So that night I definitely had to try it a first time. So I not only slept inside my brand new sleeping bag but also on my new camping mat 🙂


After a very comfortable night, we had to buy the last essential for our camping travels – a tent. Because Kathmandu and MacPac didn’t have any good tents for us, we checked some other outdoor shops in Hastings. Or at least we were trying to find some. Because those on the maps weren’t there any more. Could just find one hunting and fishing shop but they didn’t have any proper tents. So we decided to buy one on TradeMe.

And there we found a nice and cheap, blue tent, we ordered.


Because of my Windows update, – down and – upgrade again, I already ran out of internet today. We have only 40GB free and have to pay for every further 40GBs NZ$20. For that I would’ve had to go to the EIT administration desk to buy a voucher and then go to the IT help desk in C-Block to top up my internet. But the administration desk was already closed so I had no internet for the whole weekend :/ Only in the library or somewhere else at EIT if I go there.


At the evening we had the first event from Operation Friendship. We met at the village office and went to Jenny’s place. There we found tables with ingredients for Pizza, Brownies and other foods prepared for us. But I’ll stop writing here and let you watch the movie I shot 🙂



Saturday evening we went to Villa 1 to hangout with the Indian and Mauritian students in Layeeq’s room. After some nice conversations, 30 chicken wings and nice music from all our countries (Helene Fischer was representing Germany this time 😛 ) we decided to go clubbing. Because Sandra and I didn’t want to stay so long, we took our car instead of joining their taxi.


Maybe it’s because we were some more people but I definitely enjoyed this time much more at the Thirsty Whale than last time. DJ was really bad again though. Not even one transition was proper.


In the evening, we went to Cape Kidnappers with Layeeq. We couldn’t find a way on top though so we just stayed at the foot of the cliffs walking along the cost line and taking some pictures of course 🙂




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