My new home – first impressions

The accommodation

The Student Village is made up of 12 small houses which are called Villas. Some have two floors, others (like mine) only one. They are positioned as a circle and have a 20m diameter meadow in the middle.


The view from our kitchen.

Some Villas have two floors but the one I am living in only has one. When I first came in I found everything very clean. There is a living room with a flat screen TV and three couches, a kitchen with basically all you need for cooking, a dining area with a table and 6 chairs, a bathroom with a shower, two sinks, a toilet and of course the sleeping rooms. It’s pretty small but I don’t have to share it and it has everything you need. A desk with a chair, a sideboard, a nightstand, a cupboard, a bed and a window pointing to the east which means I get a nice sun rise view each morning 🙂 There was nobody in the other rooms yet besides one girl called Sandra. Because she is also from Germany, the first thing I told her was, that I’d like to speak English all time. And she was very happy about that so we agreed on speaking English only.

The University


You can see the EIT (Eastern Institute of Technology) right opposite the village. That means it’s not even a 10 minute walk to get from your villa to the classes. I will share more about EIT once my lectures begin 🙂

The location


A bigger problem is the distance to travel if you want to go shopping, clubbing or other things you would do in a town. The closest town, which is Taradale, is a couple of kilometers away but the closest cities, which is Napier or Hastings in the other direction, are even further. There is a bus every half an hour but not at very late hours and also not so frequent during weekends.


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